Aligning Business Data with Big Data for Joint Data Analysis

Thesis Type Master
Thesis Status
Student Felix Rödel
Thesis Supervisor

This master thesis analyses the SAP powered Business Intelligence landscape at the Center of Competence for Finance and Controlling at Daimler. It aims to investigate on the possibility to bridge the gap between the SBISS platform, a SAP Business Warehouse on HANA and the Daimler Big Data Platform, an Apache Hadoop cluster by using SAP HANA Vora. The feasibility study Vora@Daimler shall examine whether the solution can be implemented within the Daimler IT landscape and, in addition, if ad-hoc bi-directional cross-platform analysis between the two platforms is possible without creating redundancies and copying prior
execution. This is tested by executing selected queries with sample data of the TPC-H benchmark of the Transaction Processing Council. The successful installation shows that the solution is deployable within the Daimler network. The testing involves four queries which are executed in 24 different variations in 8 single and 16 cross-platform scenarios. In total, all single scenarios provide the correct validation answer as well as 87.50% of 16 cross-platform variants.