Genom-wide Association Studies based on Copy Number Variations: A new bioinformatical challenge

Thesis Type Master
Thesis Status
Student Lukas Forer
Thesis Supervisor
External Supervisor
Dr. Anita Brandst├Ątter

In an existing cooperation between the Division of Genetic Epidemiology and the research group Databases and Information Systems, a new master project which units two separated projects is announced.
eCOMPAGT, an integrated storage of phenotypes and genotypes should be consolidated with the results of an implemented algorithm, which discovers so called Copy Number Variations (CNVs), a new found genetic diversity. The impacts of this hot research topic are still in the early stages of understanding. This project should extend eCOMPAGT with calculation and storage of CNVs and provide a fast method for the determination of CNVs associations with proband information (phenotypes).