The analysis of textual writing styles is a well-studied problem with ongoing and active research in fields like authorship attribution, author profiling, text segmentation or plagiarism detection. With StyleExplorer, we present a tool to visually analyze and compare text documents.

Spotify Playlist Explorer

DBIS #Spotify Playlist Dataset Analyzer

For our research paper "Understanding Playlist Creation on Music Streaming Platforms" we analyzed more than 18,000 Spotify playlists containing 796.000 distinct tracks curated by more than 1,100 users. For the analysis and to make our findings traceable for other researchers we implemented a web-based analysis tool.

Wikidata Editor


The PropertyRecommenderEvaluator is a python framework for the evaluation of property recommender systems which aim at supporting users in adding information in collaborative environments based on the triple format (subject, property, object). 

Recursion Tool

Recursion Tool

With this recursion tool, detailed information about individual iterations of recursive database queries can displayed in an intuitive and easy way.


The goal of this tutorial is to give a quick introduction how to use the relational algebra calculator and its concepts. It assumes that you already know the relational algebra or are learning it from other sources.