Management-Tool for Electrical Appliances using Web-Services and IoT-Devices

Thesis Type Bachelor
Thesis Status
Student Fabian Wechselberger
Thesis Supervisor
External Supervisor
Simon Haller-Seeber

The rising number of electrical appliances, that are controllable by interfaces, bring the need for systems that have the capability to monitor and control such appliances. Useful data and statistics should be easily accessible for end users of such systems. In this thesis an existing implementation for controlling a coffee maker is adapted and improved upon. The system is updated and modified to not only be able to handle transactions from a specific coffee maker but from any electrical appliance that provides a UART-interface. Micro-controllers are utilized to establish the connection between the adapted system and an electrical appliance that is controllable through an interface. Users are able to authorize themselves with RFID tags that are connected to their user account. Furthermore, a grouping is available to cluster users and user groups as clients. Each client is able to control any connected appliance but the statistics are separated such that many clients can utilize the same backend. The deployment and rollout process of the system is improved to make changes and adaptions more stable and to reduce developer interactions.