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Databases and Information Systems (DBIS)

We are a subdivision of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck.


Our passion lies in developing innovative methods for efficient data storage and analyses aiming to assist users and businesses to meet their information needs.


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Paper at ICMR 2017 accepted

Yeeha, the paper "Improving Context-Aware Music Recommender Systems: Beyond the Pre-filtering Approach" by Martin Pichl, Eva Zangerle and Günther Specht of the DBIS group has been accepted at this year's International Conference on Music Retrieval (ICMR), which is going to take place in Bucharest in June.

Best Paper Committee at BTW 2017

Günther Specht is a member of the best paper award committee of the BTW 2017. BTW has been the leading venue for the German-speaking database community in the last 30 years. 

Summer Term 2017

The new semester is about to start and we wish all students a happy and successful summer term 2017 :)

Paper at CL2017 accepted :)

The poster "Geolocating German on Twitter - Hitches and Glitches of Building and Exploring a Twitter Corpus" by Bettina Larl and Eva Zangerle has been accepted at the 9th International Corpus Linguistics Conference in Birmingham in July.