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Happy Holidays

The DBIS team wishes merry christmas, happy holidays and all the best to you in the year to come :)

DBIS@THE IEEE Symposium on Multimedia

At the moment, the 19 IEEE Symposium on Multimedia takes place in Taichung, Taiwan. Yesterday, Martin held a talk about the joint research between the University of Innsbruck and the Johannes Kepler University: He presented the paper "Mining Culture-Specific Music Listening Behavior from Social Media Data" by Martin Pichl, Eva Zangerle, Grünther Specht and Markus Schedl. The paper was also presented in the poster session in the evening, triggering an interesting discussion with other researchers. 

DBIS@Digital Humanities Austria Conference

This year, the 4th Digital Humanities Austria Conference will take place in Innsbruck. The DBIS team will be highly involved, taking part and presenting research on various topics:

  • Eva Zangerle, Michael Tschuggnall, Stefan Wurzinger and Günther Specht will be presenting a poster on "Analyzing Coherent Characteristics in Music Playlists" (actually covering parts of Stefan's master thesis)
  • Barbara Laner, Andy Stauder, Eva Zangerle and Theo Hug will be presenting a poster on "Visualization Strategies for Digital Archives. The Case of the Ernst-von-Glasersfeld-Archive"
  • Gerald Hiebel, Claudia Posch, Gerhard Rampl, Elisabeth Gruber, Klaus Hanke and Eva Zangerle will present their work on "Semantics for Mountaineering History"
  • Gerald Hiebel, Claudia Posch, Gerhard Rampl and Eva Zangerle have organized a panel on "Building Bridges - Corpus linguistics and Digital Humanities"

Also, Günther Specht and Eva Zangerle have served in the Program Committee of the conference and will be chairing a session at the conference.