Development of an Open Source Feedback and Communication Platform

Thesis Type Bachelor
Thesis Status
Student Martin Karrer
Thesis Supervisor

Within this work, the development process of an open-source feedback collecting tool with the ability to communicate with the feedback-giving-person and the maintainer has been documented. Most feedback applications only offer a one-way communication from the feedback-giving-person to the feedback-requester. The approach to develop this system, with the ability to communicate or discuss a feedback, has been described in detail. The system is extendable, scale-able and especially
easy to maintain and install. 
All techniques and patterns used in this project to implement the single-page-application will be described later on. It tries to show the utilisation of a functional language in everyday life and all advantages and disadvantages which occurred during the implementation of this project. The presented application is a minimal but extendable and scaleable open-source platform used for requesting and discussing feedback.