GoStudent - Question Answering System


Duration: 01/02/2019-28/02/2020
Funded by: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Total funding: 89,200 EUR


GoStudent provides an interactive learning platform for students, in which questions on specific scholastic topics can be asked, which are then answered by tutors. The platform, which is used by thousands of users, is to be expanded within the scope of this project such that human tutors can be supported or partially replaced by a self-learning Question Answering System (QAS). Specifically, we aim to tackle two main problems:

  • Given a user question, determine if similar questions already have been asked, and if yes, rank and recommend the corresponding answers
  • Given a user question where no similar questions exist, extract possible useful answers from the set of answers in the knowledge base

To tackle the problems, we apply, adapt, develop and evaluate modern machine/deep learning techniques.