How to pronounce "Gatschkopf"? - Mobile App for Recording Place Names in Tyrol

Thesis Type Bachelor
Thesis Status
Student Florjana Dauti
Thesis Supervisor
External Supervisor
Dr. Gerhard Rampl

At the department of linguistics, researchers have been working on collecting a full catalogue of place names occurring in Tyrol. That is, the names of mountains, meadows, valleys, etc. Particularly, researchers are interested in collecting not only the names, but also their corresponding local pronunciation (because local pronunciation is often key to reconstructing the former meaning of the name). To this end, they are collecting this information by recording the pronunciation via dictaphone. Naturally, this method is rather tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, the goal of this thesis is to implement a mobile app that allows interested users to search through the collected place names and record their pronunciation if it is known to the user to make it available to researchers and the public. Here, we lay our focus on easy usability of the system on the one hand, and ensuring that the quality of the recording is sufficient for further processing on the other hand.