Automatisierte Schema-Migration und Konsistenztools für die Aura-Datenbank des Radiosenders FREIRAD

Thesis Type Bachelor
Thesis Status
Currently running
Student Patrik Schweigl
Thesis Supervisor

AURA - Automated Radio, is an open-source project designing a management
system for independent radio stations. It is utilized to collect, persist,
and deliver data in a standardized way, providing tools for optimized and standardized
operations in radio broadcasting. Since AURA is based on a PostgreSQL database, 
radio stations need to make their data available in a PostgreSQL schema.
This bachelor thesis focuses on the development of a tool for the automated
migration (ETL - Extract, Transform, Load) of an existing MySQL database
of the independent radio station FREIRAD into a new PostgreSQL schema within
the context of the AURA project. Special attention is paid to the consistency
and integrity of the migrated data. Additionally, attention is given
to the tool’s adaptability and modularity, enabling its potential use in other
scenarios. Furthermore, the tool should enable the simultaneous operation of
both database systems (MySQL and PostgreSQL), providing an interface that is
format-independent and automatically exports or imports data into both schemas.