Extension and Optimization of the Hash5-Server - a Hashtag-based PIM-System

Thesis Type Bachelor
Thesis Status
Student Mitja Schmakeit
Thesis Supervisor

Hash5 is a hashtag-based personal information management (PIM) system with a client-server architecture. The structure of stored information in this PIM system is defined by the users, using traditional (simple) and complex hashtags. Modules for the server and clients can utilize several semantics of the used hashtags. During the course of this thesis, several improvements to the Hash5 server have been implemented. A new modular query grammar, pagination, sorting, and a full-text index have been added to the entry search. A querygrammar module chain has been created which allows the extension of the query grammar. E-mail authentication and password hashing have been developed for users, as well as a file upload feature and a password-less social media login.